5 Ways to a Better New Year

5 Ways to a Better New Year

by Brad Weston

It’s already the 6th of January and if you are like me, you might not have taken the time to set out a list of goals for the year, even though you meant to. The easiest thing to do at this point is wait till next year. But, and this is really important…

It’s not too late!

Here are five simple things to think about to make it the best year ever:

Take stock of where you are. Think about who you are and what accomplishments have made you happy. This is really important because sometimes we hold on to goals year after year because we think that they will bring us happiness, but when we look back we realize that they aren’t meaningful for us anymore. Think about not just where you want to be in a year and in 5 years, but think about why you want to be there.

This is the goal making step. Write them down. First brainstorm a big list, then choose the things that you actually want to work on. The next step is to break each one down into smaller tasks and put those tasks on a calendar. This step will make it pretty clear to you what you actually want to commit to working on, and it’s vital. It’s okay at this point to decide not to spend an hour a week on a goal. Take it off your list. But if you don’t make a plan of action and commit it to your calendar, then it is a dream and not a goal.

Now I don’t want to go all “The Secret” on you, but belief is one of the key ingredients to success. If you have faith in your ability to reach your goals then you will be acting appropriately along the way. A frightened person won’t be able to take the necessary risks in order to succeed. A lot of times you need to be brave. Praise Audacity! Write that down and put it on your wall.

Look at your calendar! Is there something on it that you should be doing. Do it! This can be the toughest part for most of us. My advice to you is this: It is easier to get something done if you are already moving. Dropping the query letters off at the post office is a lot easier if you just got back from the gym.

How will you know that you will enjoy reaching your goals? Without gratitude, you won’t. This is something that I have struggled with. I managed to achieve a life-long goal: getting on the Tonight Show. I did it twice but I still felt unsatisfied. I always wanted to be further along the path. I still have to work on this (we probably all do) but it turns out that you have to consciously appreciate things in order to be happy. So take ten minutes right now and make a list of things you are grateful for. You don’t have to show it to anyone, this is just for you. If you are not in the habit of gratitude this may be difficult to do, but I promise you it will get easier over time.

Happy New Year!

Brad Weston is a writer, juggler, and goal setter from way back. For more information about him and his work check out his website at http://www.bradweston.com

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