Attention: New Blog Name

Dear Readers,

I would like to announce a name change for this blog. For a little over 6 months I have been writing an article a week. When I started, I didn’t have any idea where I was going with it. My focus has become more clear to me over time. It started out as a personal challenge just too see if I had anything to say. Ultimately, I wanted to know if I could write clearly and interestingly. I started out writing about anything I felt like, so I picked an innocuous and open ended blog title:

“Creating, Living, Performing”

I figured that those words should cover just about anything that I had to say. After 6 months of writing, however, I discovered that I have a calling to share what I know about the variety arts. The new blog title will clarify what my new found mission is all about:

Variety Arts Resource:  Information for Excellent Entertainers

My focus here is to be helpful to my fellow performers and to share my deep love of the variety arts with the world. I believe that all entertainers should be on the path to excellence and anyone who takes the time to regularly study the art-form already is “excellent”.

Why do I feel qualified to speak about the variety arts?

I began performing as a magician in my early teens, then I became a juggler, which is largely what I do in performance now. Along the way I studied physical comedy which gave way to clowning in many of it’s different styles. I toured for a year with a puppet troupe doing 7 different styles of puppets. To this day I walk stilts, perform as a mime, sculpt balloon animals, and ride a unicycle.

I still have a lot to say about all of these genres and I plan to continue freely sharing information as long as I am able. Thank you all for reading. I wish you all much success in our beloved art-forms!

Brad Weston

Brad Weston is a writer, juggler, and variety artist from way back. For more information about him and his work check out his website at

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