Take It Seriously

Walkaround Tip #22
Take It Seriously

Walkaround entertainment is not simply something to make money with when you can’t book a regular show. It is not simply something that inferior entertainers do because they can’t do a solid show. It is a serious art-form in it’s own right and should be respected.

There are many challenges associated with doing well at walkaround. There are many fine entertainers with award-winning stage shows who don’t have the knack for it. It is not something that just anyone can do. If done poorly it is an embarrassment for both the performer and for the audience. If done well it is a joy, a memorable moment, a real connection to the art that we love.

Part of what makes it work is the temperament of the performer. They have to have a lot of the qualities that I address in many of the other tips this month, namely: good hygiene, friendliness, and confidence. You don’t have to be a born performer to become a great walkaround entertainer. You just have to appreciate the art-form for what it is and have a sincere desire to improve.

Most importantly, taking walkaround entertainment seriously will give you the proper attitude to begin a serious study of the genre. A truly great performer is always looking to learn new things and to improve what they do.

I wish you many happy hours of sharing joy and helping to further our beloved art-form.

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