How To Make Money in the Variety Arts

How To Make Money in the Variety Arts
A Book by Brad Weston

Money in the Variety ArtsI have been writing this book for hours every day for over two months now. When I started this project, I thought that it would take a few weeks at most. But as I got more and more involved, I discovered that I have more than 200 pages to share on the topic.

The research that has gone into the writing of this book has been thorough. I have done a number of interviews of agents who book variety artists and I also interviewed a tax professional who helps people making a living in the variety arts do their taxes.

To make a long story short, keeping up the weekly blog article has been a real challenge on top of writing this book, as well as earning a living on the side. I will devote this week’s column to giving you a sneak peek of what you will find inside the book.

Who Can Benefit From This Book?

To put it bluntly, YOU can. If you work as a variety performer, you will find valuable information about how to make more money. Some of the performing disciplines that this book will specifically speak about are:

  • Magician
  • Juggler
  • Clown
  • Stilt Walker
  • Balloon Twister
  • Face Painter
  • Caricature Artist
  • Story Teller
  • Puppeteer

This book is about the underlying principles that control what a performer can earn. Even if what you do is radically different than what other’s are doing to serve the party and entertainment industry, you will get a lot out of the discussion of the various venues in section two.

In short:

  • If you like to perform and want to start doing it for a living, this book is for you.
  • If you are already a professional entertainer and want to increase your income, this book is for you.
  • If you want to grow as a working artist, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents
The Variety Arts Defined

Section One
How to Get the Money

Your Tools:
Business Cards
Direct Mail Marketing
Phone Solicitation
Press Kit

Your Strategy:
Working With Agents
How to negotiate your fee
When to say No
Your Taxes

Your Attitude
Your Goals

Section Two
Where is the Money? A detailed, in-depth look at venues seeking quality variety artists

School Assemblies
After School Clubs
Fairs/ Festivals
Bars/ Night Clubs
Corporate After Dinner Show
Children’s Birthday Parties
Adult Parties
Trade Show
Conventions and Conferences
Grand Openings
Stores and Shopping Malls
Summer Camps
Cruise Ships
Scouting Events
Retirement Homes
Street Performing
Renaissance Fairs
Church Shows
Amusement Parks

Section Three

Interviews with variety agents.
Michael Bongar
Chuck Harris
Ron Severini

The Art-Forms:
Notes for Jugglers
Notes for Magicians
Notes for Clowns

The Worst Gig I Ever Did
The Final Word

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6 Responses to How To Make Money in the Variety Arts

  1. Jake Wicked says:

    I will give you money for this book. I think this book is going to be awesome. I want one, I must have one. I would love one that is a audio by you. I am not saying I want you to tell me the information. I want an actual audio book. Narrated by you. I’ve learned a lot from just watching your performances, working with you, and hanging out with you. I am glad and grateful that you are doing this project. Please keep me informed about the progress, more in point when it is done. I really do want one.

  2. Peter (The Glassharper) Bennett says:

    Even though you don’t list musicians among those who will benefit from reading you book I’m quite convinced it will be interesting and even profitable for even we lowly music makers! Let me know when, where and how much money to send!

  3. Russ Sharek says:

    Your blog has been a wealth of information, and I’m definitely interested in ordering a copy of your book once it’s finished. Do you have a pre-order list you can add me to?

  4. Brad Weston says:

    I will drop you a line when they become available. Thanks for the support!

  5. Hi brad i want to purchase the book ? where can i get it?

  6. missgreen says:

    I will put you on the list. It will become available in the near future. Thanks for your interest.