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A poem by
Brad Weston:


The Show

Laugh out loud language and sensational circus stunts! You will never look at poetry the same way again! Experience original rhymes and classics from the likes of Lewis Carroll, Dr. Suess, and Shel Silverstein, all presented by a real live circus performer. 

The Performer

Brad Weston has travelled the world performing with circuses and has written hundreds of stories, songs, and poems. In addition to doing shows at hundreds of schools and libraries, he has appeared multiple times on The Tonight Show, Britain's Got Talent and other international programs. Along the way he has even set a few Guiness World Records!

Word Circus!

Words. Words.

Our world is words

from dogs and cats

to nouns and verbs.

We use our words

to understand.

They put the world

at our command.

We can choose

the way we think.

Our thinking makes

our problems shrink.

Instead of letting

our words work us

we can make it

a Word Circus!

Word Circus!

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